Perhaps the coziest, most attractive, and most adaptable item of apparel for ladies is the maxi skirt. Unfortunately, styling it is not the easiest. Even though it's fashionable, making the wrong decisions can diminish its allure. The way you wear your long skirt and the style you select can have a significant impact. Even the most basic maxi may look great with these tricks.

Maxi Skirt Appropriate Occasions

Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

Maxi skirts can be worn as modest clothing, as well as for business, casual, formal, street fashion, and pregnancy. Flowy, form-fitting, pleated, round, A-line, and slit are among the different fashions. A maxi skirt can be worn with either a low or high waist. They come in a range of materials, but most ladies favor the softer, more stylish chiffon and satin. Solid, printed, and pattern colors are all available.

The right combination of colors and styles is essential for styling a maxi skirt. A maxi skirt requires a basic, understated combination when worn during the day. In warm weather, you can choose colorful and gorgeous clothing and accessories. Pair with stylish and alluring tops and accessories for a night out.

Who can Wear Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

Long skirts can make women who are petite or large appear dwarfish or overwhelmed, thus they sometimes avoid wearing them. However, the appropriate styling techniques can produce a taller and thinner appearance. Here are several flattering body shapes for various silhouettes.

  • Short women who want to appear taller should wear brighter shirts and darker-colored skirts.
  • Another elongating combination is a halter or V-neck shirt with a striped skirt.
  • For more height, you can also wear a wide belt and tall heels.
  • Choose a skirt that is just right—not too baggy, nor too tight.
  • Maxi skirts worn with cropped tops will also provide the appearance of height.
  • On tall women, a shirt that hits at the hip looks terrific. Try wearing a button-down shirt knotted at the waist if you are tall.
  • On tall, thin ladies, a pencil-style maxi skirt looks fantastic.
  • You should go for a maxi skirt with horizontal stripes if you are tall and thin. They give off a wider and shorter appearance. Lean girls look great in billowy maxis, especially when worn with sleeveless or spaghetti shirts.

Select the Length of the Maxi Skirt

Your height will determine the ideal maxi skirt length for you. It should rest a few inches above the ankle at its shortest point. Long maxis might reach the floor or end just above the toenails. Avoid wearing floor-sweeping skirts for comfort when moving around. When putting one on, walk normally to determine whether it is comfortable.

How to Dress Subtly Under a Maxi Dress

Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

You can wear your regular underwear with your maxi skirt. It could be either bike shorts, pants, or both. Several points to think about

  • Maxi skirts are best worn with full-back underwear (rather than a thong or going commando) to prevent the skirt from getting caught between your buttocks and cheeks.
  • There is no requirement to wear additional clothing underneath a sheer maxi skirt if you don't want to. Choose a sheer maxi that reveals the parts of you that you feel comfortable showing. Also, keep in mind that certain lined sheer maxi skirts still show through.
  • Some women contend that see-through skirts are intended to reveal underwear, so they can wear them without being concerned that others will see what they're wearing. Others have chosen to go without any underwear at all in a fruitless attempt to hide their underwear from the gaze of the public, but your mileage may vary.
  • Wearing tights, leggings, or pettipants is another option. Many people avoid doing this since it would ruin the fun of wearing a maxi skirt. Another option is to wear a bandage, mini, mid, or bodycon skirt underneath the maxi. Given that two thick waistbands are competing for space, this may be excessively fancy and unpleasant for certain people.

Maxi Skirts That Tuck In
Wearing your skirt over a half slip, sometimes known as a waist slip, is likely your best bet. They come in a range of materials and are inexpensive. The precise shade might not be required. Usually, a close contest will do.

Even though slips are thin, unless they are worn out, they do not show through translucent dresses. There are also full slips that strap from the shoulders. However, because of their weight, they are typically used by elderly women or for gowns for special occasions.

From just over the ankle to just above the knee, lengths vary. But you may also go with a formal/maxi slip if you'd like. Slips keep you warmer and can cause you to perspire. In the summer, experiment with several textiles to determine which keeps you cooler. When wearing light-colored dresses and skirts, avoid pairing them with too-dark slips.

Slips and half slips have advantages.

Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
  • skinny elasticized waists that complement the waist of the skirt
  • They are dry, lightweight, and simple to clean.
  • They warm you up.
  • Wear one with all of your transparent skirts and dresses.
  • They allow your skirt or dress to flow softly rather than cling.
  • They prevent chaffing, especially if the skirt is made of sturdy material like wool.
  • You can wear your outfit longer with less cleaning if you wear your belt over the slip since it will be protected from perspiration.
  • Wear a slip that covers your thighs when wearing flimsy clothing to highlight the shape of your lower legs.

How to Style a Top To Go With With Maxi Skirts

  • The top you choose to wear with your maxi skirt has a significant impact on how you look as a whole.
  • While a tight skirt looks good with a loose top, a billowy skirt looks best with a fitted top.
  • A solid-colored ensemble goes better with a printed top than a printed skirt, and vice versa.
  • A layered top is acceptable as well. One layer can be tucked in, and the other one can flow.
  • You'll want to stay warm during the cold. Adding a T-shirt underneath your top will make you warmer. Opt for a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Another choice is to wear a cardigan over a chambray shirt tucked in. This combo works beautifully.
  • If required, in the fall, try a buttoned shirt and a jersey.
  • Attempt a blazer. Solid-colored blazers are more appropriate for professional settings, while patterned blazers look excellent with a plain skirt. Try a loose-fitting skirt and a shiny jacket.
  • Jeans and denim jackets will help you look stylishly casual. The majority of them make excellent accessories for spring and summer because they're light and comfortable enough to wear during the day.
  • For summer, a white t-shirt is appropriate. Choose a short-sleeved top if you intend to spend the day in the sun.

Shoes That Go Well With A Maxi Skirt

The weather, the style of your skirt, and the occasion are important factors to take into account when choosing what shoes to wear with a maxi skirt.

  • Choose closed-toed footwear in colder climates and ventilated footwear in warm climates.
  • Wear shoes that go with your top. If you're unable to achieve that, use neutral hues like black and brown for your shoes because they work with a wide variety of outfits.
  • Elegant heels provide a fantastic look and feel.
  • High-heeled shoes are ideal for pear-shaped and petite women to get this elongating effect. Almost any occasion is appropriate for a maxi skirt and heels.
  • With maxi skirts, peep-toe pumps look especially adorable.
  • Women of average height and short stature look beautiful in maxi skirts with Wedges.
  • Tall women look beautiful in flats. Choose flats that are neither too casual nor too manly for special occasions. Choose strappy flats to go with long skirts and dresses.
  • A maxi skirt and boots convey a tough appearance. Winter is the perfect time to wear boots.
  • Choose beautifully patterned or lace-up boots for casual trips. It's preferable to select boots that are higher than your hemline, but you can also select boots with low or high heels according to your preferences.
  • If the fabric of your skirt is soft, stay away from over-the-knee boots.
  • A maxi skirt and shoes mix well together for casual attire. It gives off a youthful, girlish appearance. You can pair canvas sneakers with a t-shirt for summertime casual attire.

What shoes you wear will depend on how long your skirt is. For instance, floor-length skirts look great with high heels. In the winter, you can wear above-the-ankle skirts with leggings, tights, or socks.

A maxi skirt's versatility should not be understated. Whatever the thickness, wearing a belt is fantastic. A belt draws attention to the figure-8 while also lengthening the legs. Always select the greatest choice of the skirt in addition to thinking about what to wear with your maxi skirt. Being unable to appropriately dress is the outcome of poor skirt choices. Unnecessarily tall people have fewer shoe options and may pose a safety risk. If you follow the appropriate fashion advice, you'll have the luxury of a pajama and a lavish display of style. With any luck, this fashion advice can help you decide what to wear with a maxi skirt.

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