Everyone is aware that a belt is simply a flexible strap used to keep your jeans or any other article of clothing in place. Belts frequently have a big impact on how women dress. If you hadn't already understood this, you should now consider altering your perspective while also paying more attention to this fashion piece.

Types of waist leather belts for women

Although they have been around since the Bronze Age, belts were mostly worn by men until quite recently. There are more types of women's belts than men's belts on the market today. This is because women's belts not only help keep clothes tight but are also a great fashion accessory for them. Designer and fashionable embellished belts adorn a woman well. They can do this without wearing fancy jewelry to accent their outfit. Fashion Women's Belts Women's belts have different buckles available in different colors and sizes. With a unique design, these belts ooze femininity and you'll find them perfect for any outfit you wear. Women can flaunt their casual modern outfits with the right belt. In addition to simple leather belts, below are simple leather belts for everyday wear.

  •  Suede belts - look great with jeans or other pants with small buckles, scarves, or miniskirts with small, thin buckles.


  •  Woven Leather Belts - These belts are crafted by skilled artisans.


  •  Wide Buckle Belts – These types of belts are at least two to three inches wide and have decorative buckles.


  • Cinch straps are three to eight inches wide. Thicker belts are also known as corset belts. They can be leather (or similar) or elastic. Chain Belts - This type adds sparkle and shines to a pair of jeans or a long tunic.


  • Tie Belts: These belts are made of leather ties and some decorations like shells, coins, or discs. They tie in the front and can be worn with or without a belt loop.


  • Belts with hand embroidery. These embroidered leather belts for women are usually decorated with rhinestones, other semi-precious stones, and turquoise. These women's belts are available in a wide range and all styles. They are available in almost all colors. Beaded Belts - Artistic designs are created with colorful beads and sequins, making these designer fashion belts very attractive decorative pieces.


  • Glass belts are a combination of multi-colored belts made with clear and multi-colored beads of various shapes and sizes. Most fashionistas prefer these belts for a sophisticated look and they go well with any casual outfit.


  • Designer Belts – These are available in many designs like bone and horn belts, and beautiful jute beaded belts. Fashionable patterns and bright colors are the specialties of this type of designer belt.


  • Stylish Leather Belt – Simple yet stylish, these leather belts are available in a variety of bright colors and shades that can be paired with both formal and casual wear.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Waist Belt

Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

Many people are unaware of how important belts are for adding style to women's clothing. It's crucial to always keep in mind that a belt is a key component of fashion.


You may make your closet appear to be stuffed with contemporary clothing. The same clothing might look different by using the right belt


By learning how to style an outfit with belts, you can double the amount of clothing you own. This is so that you can wear a single dress in a variety of ways. There is a huge selection of women's belts on the market, offering various colors, sizes, materials, and styles. Women frequently receive excellent quality and great elegance from leather belts.


You may make a long, baggy shirt that is designed for males to look more like a woman's dress by adding a belt to it. It will have a completely distinct style.

Choosing the right belt quality and size

Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

A wide belt can give you a vintage-inspired look, and leather belts can bring new life to an outmoded ensemble. Women's leather belts can be found in plenty on the market. The three main factors you should think about when purchasing these are good quality, a fair price, and the right size because a belt that is too big or too tiny won't give you the appearance you want. You won't use a belt of bad quality for very long, and you won't ever want that.

Women's stylish belts are this season's essential accessory. Almost every outfit implies the need for a belt. Belts go well with more than just jeans—they go well with dresses, sweaters, and even skirts. We select the belt that will decorate us this season after examining the fashion belts for the current season. At least three of these types of belts—classic, unadorned with a simple buckle, slender, and wide to draw attention to the waist—should be available in the women's locker room.

Choosing the right belt colors

Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya


It is typically advised for you to have belts in your wardrobe in both vibrant and neutral colors when it comes to color. You can use these in the fall and winter. Women tend to wear dark hues during these seasons, but wearing a belt in a bright color might help you feel more alive by balancing out the weight of your attire.


Belts in neutral hues are a fantastic choice because they blend with anything in your wardrobe.


If you don't know how to dress, just choose your simplest outfits and accessorize them with a lovely belt to look stylish and current.


Belts in both bright and dark hues will give the clothing a more put-together appearance. The belt's color can be chosen to coordinate with the dress it must be worn with. Belts of vibrant colors are worn with winter clothing that is dark and gray in tone. Any dress can be worn with a light-colored belt, and that will accomplish the goal. If you're unsure of what to wear and need a rule of thumb, use a great belt with any plain dress you can find. It will appear current.


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