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Ikojn is a contemporary apparel company that sells the absolute most stylish and trendiest wrap tops for women in Kenya, Africa and today's world. We offer a blend of high quality wrap wrap tops, crop wrap tops, tees, tank wrap tops, camis, button up shirt and blouses, at the best prices. Our wrap wrap tops are the most recent trend. They are available in several styles. Dress wrap tops can be worn at the job under blazers and jackets.

Our collections are meant to fulfil your inner woman with an alternative colour, fit, print, textile, elegance and fabric. Start looking through Ikojn and check out our latest designs and you shall encounter wrap tops which have the ability to add a great deal to your wardrobe. In each fit, stitching and threads are embedded excellent varieties of quality, comfort, and design, offering you value for your investment and superior characteristic for your fashion image.