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Top 10 Best Women’s Trench Coats Designs

What is a trench coat?

A trench coat is a waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin outer garment. One of the most interesting aspects of a trench coat is that it was originally 

designed for soldiers. It was used in the trenches during World War I, which is why it is known as a Trench Coat.

History of trench coats and how they became popular

The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. The invention of the trench coat is claimed by two British luxury clothing manufacturers, Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the 1850s.

The trench coat was designed specifically for use during the war that inspired its name, a war spent mired in muddy, bloody trenches across Europe. It then evolved into a form that, despite being over 100 years old, remains startlingly current.

Trench coats were popularized by Humphrey Bogart and Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films, and have since become a fashion staple, available in a variety of colors from brands such as Burberry.

What to consider when choosing a trench coat

Dressing for the changing seasons can be difficult when you have to be ready for rain one minute and splitting sun the next. The timeless trench coat, on the other hand, can help during this fashion state of uncertainty. Your mother most likely had one, and your grandmother most likely did as well.

Personal preferences influence which style to select.

Trench coats are available with wide and narrow lapels, belted, buttoned, and open fronts, long, short, and everything in between. However, following some guidelines to suit your frame never hurts. Short or cropped lengths suit average to short stature, whereas the opposite will frequently dwarf a smaller stature. Those blessed with long legs can pull off long coats of various lengths; however, one that finishes just above the knee is the most common. Consider one with belted wrists to draw attention to slender arms, and a belted middle to draw in that waist.

Color and tone are the most important factors to consider. Trench coats were traditionally made in earthy tones like khaki and beige, as well as black and navy; however, they are now available in every season's color. If you value wearability, stick to the traditional color palette for maximum compatibility with your existing outfits. Don't be shy if your middle name is bold. Take a chance on a trendy color like a spicy mustard yellow or a light blue for the fall season. These vibrant shades suit big personalities and darker skin tones best, but if you have an English rose complexion, pastel and jewel tones will look better on you.

  • How to style your trench coat
  • After you've chosen your ideal trench coat, figuring out how to style it is the next step. If you choose to wear your trench coat to work, keep it simple with simple hair and an oversized tote bag. The neutral color scheme is ideal for this occasion and looks effortlessly chic with a skirt suit or shift dress. Unless you're wearing pants, a good rule of thumb is to make sure the hem of your coat falls before the hem of your skirt or dress and match it with high-quality, comfortable heels. A trench coat can also be worn on a day date over jeans or a gypsy dress.

    Trench coats are a fantastically versatile piece. They look equally good dressed casually or formally and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. In the dead of winter, you might want to reach for something heavier (unless you live somewhere very temperate), but it makes an excellent layering piece in the fall and spring. So, do you want to know when you should wear a trench coat? The solution is simple. It can be worn at any time if the weather permits.

    Which color and fabric?

    Trench coats are available in a variety of colors and fabrics today. Every color is available, from classic camel to neon pink. The fabrics also vary greatly: there are winter wool and leather cover-ups and spring and summer breezy silk cover-ups. It is entirely up to you whether you want a functional or a statement piece. Remember that the traditional cotton gabardine version in a neutral color like camel, gray, navy, or black will be more timeless and easy to style, but if you like statement pieces, go for it.

    Pink Trench Coat

    The spring season is always associated with the color pink, whether it is dusty rose, baby pink, or another. As a result, the pink trench is extremely popular among women. It gives them a soft, warm, and feminine look. Pink trenches are typically pastel pink and monochromatic. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more casual, relaxed, and informal look.

    Green Trench Coat

    The green trench coat is not a popular choice among women, possibly because green is a difficult color to style. However, in the last two years, the olive green version of the green has become very fashionable. Women choose this color for coats because it is the perfect balance of warm and cold colors and complements almost every color. The green or mint trench coat will get you there if you want to achieve a playful and colorful look.

    Black Trench Coat

    Black trench coats are less common, but they are stylish and versatile. A black trench coat can be worn with almost anything. Jeans are an excellent choice for a casual outfit.

    Trench coat designs in Kenya

    A trench coat is worn by almost every lady in Nairobi. Cake has a song about wanting a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket, which is probably every girl in Nairobi these days! If you see a lady in town who isn't wearing a trench coat, it's because it's safely tucked away in their closet, waiting for the temperatures to drop. The good news is that you can wear your trench coats even in warm weather. The key is to leave the trench unbuttoned!

    Best trench coat designs

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat


    We had to start with the original trench: the military coat designed by Thomas Burberry in 1916. The Chelsea design has a ladylike A-line fit and a nipped-in waist, but all of the signatures we know and love are still present. Each one is made of waterproof cotton-gabardine and is embellished with epaulets, storm flaps, buckled collars and cuffs, and lined with that iconic check.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat



    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat

    Cos recently released a slew of technical trench coats made from recycled fibers, and they're flying off the shelves. The spread collar and sweeping lapels give this piece a retro feel, but the showerproof fabric and wide Obi-inspired sash keep things modern.


    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat

    The leather trend is still going strong in 2022, so if you already have a skirt and trousers, it's time to graduate to outerwear. Leather trench coats are typically available in retro tans or gothic blacks, but Reiss' buttery beige shade takes them to a whole new level of luxury.


    Toteme's drapey, deconstructed trench is ideal if you prefer your staples to be directional. On the surface, this coat appears classic, but the boxy double-breasted overlay, billowy storm flap, and wide sleeves say otherwise.

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Corporate Office Dress

    A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Office Dresses For Ladies

    Your appearance defines you professionally

    The physical characteristics that are presented to others through outfit choices, hair grooming, and makeup choices are referred to as appearance. Others frequently regard an individual's physical appearance as a direct reflection of the quality of work produced by that individual, and appearance is frequently the first impression made on a boss, supervisor, coworker, or client. Having a positive first impression is essential for professional success and respect. Workplace appearance is important because your clothing conveys to others your professionalism. When you value your workplace appearance, you demonstrate respect for the company and the work you do.

    Choosing the right dress color for the office

    The colors you wear to work have a lot more influence on your success (or lack thereof) than you might think. Colors influence how people perceive us, and by adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe, you can positively influence others' opinions of you.

    If you've been wearing the same colors to work for years and haven't achieved the success you desire, it's time to change things up and wear colors that can change people's perceptions of you and increase your impact. You may also discover that you enjoy wearing the following colors:

    • Black
    • You guessed it, wearing black makes you appear more powerful and serious. Business attire in black commands attention. Choose black professional wardrobe staples if you want to increase your influence.
    • White
    • Did you know that wearing white can give you the appearance of being honest and innocent?
    • Brown
    • Do you think brown is boring? Consider again. Brown is a color that gives the impression of stability and trustworthiness. This could be a great color to wear to a job interview or during your first few days on the job as you build trust with your bosses and coworkers.



      • Red
      • You might not think of red as a "work" color, but it can be if you want to be perceived as confident. This is the ideal color to wear to a business meeting in which you are in charge.
      • Blue 
      • The color blue represents wisdom and truth. Is it any surprise that it's one of the best colors to wear to work? Blue has a calming effect and is associated with intelligence. It is also the most stable of the colors. So, if you work in a volatile or dramatic environment, blue is a great color to wear to relieve stress.

    Choosing the right dress size

    You will need to measure your bust, waist, and hips to help you choose the correct size. Compare your body measurements to those on our size chart using a tape measure over your underwear or form-fitting clothing, then choose the size that best fits your measurements. If your measurements fall between two sizes, always go with the larger size, especially if you're ordering online.


    Official dresses in a Kenyan workspace

    • Peplum dress
    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Corporate Office Dress

    The peplum dress has been popular for quite some time. When worn, a peplum dress creates the illusion of two pieces (skirt and top). The peplum adds volume to your hips by creating extra horizontal lines across the area and shortening your leg length when worn. Mid-length is the ideal height for a formal peplum dress. The dress can be dressed up with a belt and a nice pair of heels or ankle boots. Peplum dresses are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Other colors to wear to work besides black or gray include maroon, royal blue, and rosewood. 

    • Pencil Dress
    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Corporate Office Dress

    The pencil dress, like the pencil skirt, draws attention to your curves. The design of these dresses, however, favors curvy but slender figures or hourglass bodies, but they can also be worn by curvy and plump ladies. The pencil dress enhances your features while maintaining the same level of elegance as a business suit. Remember that the dress should not be too tight because it will reveal your undergarments. Purchase one that is double-layered and made of a strong fabric, such as cotton. The pencil dresses are available in a variety of styles.

    • Skater dress 
    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Corporate Office Dress

    The skater dress complements slim and size bodies with a full bottom and a fitting top. The dress flatters pear-shaped figures. The skater dress works its magic by making full-figured women look smaller and adding volume to skinny women. Plain-colored, stripped, floral, multicolored, and pleated are some of the options available on the market. Wear it with a slim belt, a statement neckpiece, or earrings.

    • Suit dress

    Who says you need two pieces when you can get the same effect with just one? A suit dress, as the name implies, is a dress that looks like a suit. The dresses come in a variety of styles that will flatter most body types.

    Accessories to go with office dresses

    Accessorizing can be challenging. It's difficult to find the right accessory to complement your outfit without overpowering it. When you add jewelry, shoes, and handbags to the mix, your outfit suddenly becomes much more complicated. Accessorizing isn't a science, but there are some rules to follow to make it easier. Above all, accessorizing a dress is about finding accessories that complement and complete your outfit.

    Shoes to go with office dresses

    "A shoe provides much more than just the ability to walk." Christian Louboutin shoes

    Diamonds are said to be a woman's best friend. Shoes are! If you had to choose between a diamond ring and fifty pairs of shoes, which would you choose? What will you choose? Don't overthink it; the answer is obvious.


    Types of Shoes

    Men and women have different meanings for the word "shoes." For the time being, let's ignore the men and focus on everything that pertains to women, as well as how to style them.


    Peep toes

    The simplest way to accomplish this is to remember that peep toes look great with bare legs. As a result, any short or knee-length dress will work well. If you're not comfortable in stilettos, try wedges, which can also be worn casually. Try flat peep toes and opaque leggings or jeggings with tops that reach the hip.


    Pumps simply translate to urban and chic, which means that any outfit with a chic appeal will be a good match. Pantsuits, pencil skirts, cigarette pants, and long formal dresses, to name a few examples. However, short dresses with or without sheer stockings look equally good with these. Trench coats or long fur jackets with skinny jeans elevate this look in the winter.

    Slip On Shoes

    Slip-on was the mommy pants of footwear. Shoes that were once considered boring, dated, and uncool. It didn't take long for them to prove us all wrong. Even crocs were thought to be that when they first appeared. Now, these are considered fashionable, comfortable, and urbane. Simply slide them on and you're done, as the name suggests. You have a lot of fun neon and fast colors. If you think you can pull it off, go for it. Slip-ons and long/short summer dresses are popular right now, among other things.

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    Tips For Styling Dresses For Every Occasion

    I've noticed that sometimes finding the right outfit for the occasion is harder than it seems. You should think about the activities you'll engage in while dressing as a woman when choosing what clothing to keep in your closet.

    Maxi Dresses For Every Occasion

    I've discovered that sometimes finding the right outfit for the occasion is harder than it seems. You should think about the activities you'll engage in while dressing as a lady while choosing what apparel to keep in your closet.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    For weddings, maxi dresses can provide a chic and fashionable appeal. You can avoid appearing underdressed by wearing nicer textiles like silk or satin. And of course, stay away from whites and creams unless you want to irritate the bride! Traditional floral prints are a nice option. Another excellent option is to use textiles with a flowy style and plain colors. Your outfit will be finished if you pair this with some strappy sandals and a hat or fascinator.

    Maxi Dresses With A Belt

    To accentuate your figure and make it appear sexier, pair your maxi dresses with a chunky or slim belt. Not only does wearing a belt improves your appearance overall, but it also gives you a more put-together and dressy appearance.


    Maxi Dresses With Boots

    Maxi dresses with boots are your go-to outfit if you believe in making an edgier fashion statement. Add your preferred makeup to complete your appearance, and you are ready to go.


    Maxi Dresses With Matte Gold Accessories

    Maxi dresses with boots are your go-to outfit if you believe in creating an edgy fashion statement. Add your preferred makeup to complete your appearance, and you are ready to go.

    Heels And Maxi Dresses

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    Put on some shoes to spice up even the most basic of clothes. You can select from a selection of pumps to wear with block heels and adjust your outfit as necessary to look attractive.


    Today, a variety of online stores provide you with a vast selection of gowns that are made expressly to fit a variety of situations. Long dresses look great on the beach as well as on a date night. You only need to look through the enormous selection online to get a dress that meets all of your needs. 

    Tank Dresses For Every Occasion

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    How Do You Wear A Tank Dress

    How to make a tank dress versatile is one query that lots of girls have. Even though you're having lunch with your parents, you might later have a hot date that you want to wow. How do you dress up this casual style and then turn it into something hot minutes later when there isn't much time to go home and get ready again?


    Well, you can accomplish this by just putting on and taking off a sweater or jacket. You can dress in a low-cut tank top and cover it with a coordinating cardigan. Once nightfall arrives, remove the cardigan for an instantaneous hot appearance. You can wear a pair of leggings if you truly want to hide. Always add accessories to your outfit to make it stand out more.

    Why Have One Tank Dress At Least

    Summertime is a great time for tank dresses. The finest part is that they will keep you cool whilst being attractive and elegant. There is nothing worse than walking past a man who is drenched in perspiration and looking for a cool place to dine or shop. They are also easy to put on and take off quickly. If you enjoy going to the beach, you can quickly get to the beach by slipping on this tank dress. Additionally, since this stylish dress looks fantastic on its own, you do not need to worry about whether your bottoms match your top.


    Vintage Dresses For Any Occasion

    A vintage dress is an ideal method to join your upcoming big occasion with style and flair because everything old is newly fashionable. Vintage dresses are a great option when you want to stand out from the crowd because they are just as stunning today as they were when they were first worn decades ago. When you look at vintage clothing, you can find the ideal look, whether you want to channel Audrey Hepburn with a simple black dress or you want something that looks like it belongs in the swanky 1930s.


    Black or White Maxi Dresses For Any Occasion 

    White Dresses

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    White may still be a brilliant color, even though the main trend this year is focused on strong hues and vibrant patterns. White is a very versatile color that can be used in a variety of ways and makes an exceedingly elegant statement. Women's fashion accessories are the secret to transforming a plain white dress into something uniquely your own. A white dress also looks wonderful with fashionable scarves. Fashion scarves may greatly enhance any white dress you select because there are so many vibrant colors and patterns to choose from.


    Nothing, in my opinion, better captures the essence of summer than a white sundress, which can be worn in either a casual or formal way. The most versatile form of clothing, and one that offers the greatest value for your money, can be dressed up and then worn down. The sleeveless dress, in my opinion, is the most adaptable garment on the market right now. When wearing this type of clothing, you can simply dress it up for the workplace with cropped jackets and sweaters and dress it down for a night out or a day at the beach.


    A lovely white dress can serve as both a beach cover-up and a dress. You may be confident that your favorite white dress is the ideal swimming cover-up, regardless of the design or color of your bathing suit. A great white dress has so many uses that it is as essential to own as the little black dress everyone is familiar with. Whether you prefer strapless, halter, maxi, or smock dresses, you can unquestionably be found wearing white. This year's dresses for women are understated and sophisticated, which works well on women of all body types.

    Black Dresses

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Maxi Tank Dresses

    Most women and fashion experts think that a black dress, the most fundamental piece of a lady's wardrobe, makes a woman look attractive and seductive. Black dresses look sophisticated and up the glam factor for every occasion. Given its versatility, a black dress can be dressed up either on its own or with additional appropriate accessories, depending on the situation, to create several ensembles using the same dress.


    Christmas party: Pair your black dress with red heels. It's party season, so sparkle and bling are welcome. Red or crystal drops make for stunning and seductive earrings. The outfit will be finished with a crimson belt and clutch. You look even more beautiful when you have red lips.


    Holiday Get-Together You've been asked to a holiday gathering, but you're not sure what to dress. The finest dress to wear is black. Beige or neutral colors appear elegant next to black. Choose a pair of chic nude or beige shoes to go with your outfit. A black clutch with some bling is necessary to complete the holiday look. A bracelet and a pair of sparkling earrings, in terms of jewelry, complete the look.


    Attending Events: Some celebrities choose to dress entirely in black. A pair of sheer black hose and a tiny black dress with no sleeves gives off a sensual appearance. To make it elegant, lace it up a bit. The elegance is enhanced with black clothing, shoes, and a purse. Don't pull your hair back.


    Cocktail Parties: Some celebrities choose to dress entirely in black. A pair of sheer black hose and a tiny black dress with no sleeves gives off a sensual appearance. To make it elegant, lace it up a bit. The elegance is enhanced with black clothing, shoes, and a purse. Don't pull your hair back.

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Jumpsuit Trends

    A Comprehensive Guide to Jumpsuit Style and Design Trends for Women in 2022

    The jumpsuit trend is the new stylish and comfortable way for women to dress.

    The jumpsuit is one of the most comfortable items of clothing women can wear. It has a wide range of benefits that make it a favorite among women. The jumpsuit was mostly worn by men in the past but now it has become an essential part of the everyday wardrobe for both men and women.

    The use of jumpsuits is not just limited to the younger crowd, it’s an easygoing style that anyone can pull off with confidence.

    Styles of Women's Jumpsuits

    Ikojn Jumpsuits Nairobi Kenya Blog

    Over the years, the different styles of women's jumpsuits haven't changed much. When something is right, there's no reason to change it, and that's the case with women's wetsuits. There are not many different versions of these clothes.

    There are women's jumpsuits with long sleeves that are turned up in the front. These items cover the female form from the neck to the ankle and are generally snug to the body. These items can be very flattering on a woman's figure, but they're also ruthless and show off every extra pound and lack you have. Their tendency to be ruthless is why most people avoid wearing clothes.

    In the 1970s, the jumpsuit was a very popular clothing choice for women of all ages. Younger women in their 20s wore their items open in a bald spot to show off their cleavage, and older women wore their items completely closed. The items are made in many different colors and different accessories are placed on them to make them more attractive. A lot of beads and stuff like that were used to create decorative patterns on the objects.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Jumpsuit Trends

    Women's short overalls were often referred to as jumpers or rompers. One set of these items consists of a tube top and an elasticated waist with shorts underneath. Items almost always look like they're made of terrycloth. They make great after-swim dresses and are great layers to layer over a bathing suit when heading to the beach. They were briefly marketed as women's sleepwear, but they are not as comfortable to sleep on and true-style tops tend to roll up and expose the bust at night.

    A popular version of this type of clothing in the 80s was one where the legs of the outfit were balloons. The top fitted snugly to the wearer's body and the bottom fitted to the back, but the legs had additional material. The items had elastic at the ankle to gather all the extra material and create a bulking effect of the excess material from the ankles to the thighs. These were more popular with younger women and girls. Hardly anyone over the age of twenty-five had one of these clothes in this style.

    Why Jumpsuit Trends Is so Popular With Moms

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Jumpsuit Trends

    Jumpsuits are no longer considered to be a specific type of clothing for women working in agriculture. Of course, this idea flourished during the height of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Additionally, the days of referring to it as clothing that resembled an Air Force pilot's or skydiver's uniform are long gone.

    Instead, the stylish women—especially the stylish mothers—seem prepared this spring and summer to dress up their appearances by donning a range of jumpsuits. Moms are undoubtedly busy this season searching for a garment that provides them with a flattering and misleading appearance with less effort. They have therefore chosen a jumpsuit that is both flattering and knows what to conceal and what to disclose about an elderly mother.

    A mom prefers this comfortable dress because of its all-in-one design, which completely conceals the deformity of her stomach line and covers the stretch marks around her waist. Additionally, it offers her a feminine appearance and silhouette that would otherwise be unattainable if she were to wear any other summer women's attire.

    Another factor contributing to a mom liking this jumpsuit is how simple it is to wear. After all, it's amazing how a busy parent can find the time to spend lavishly when getting dressed. As a result, she saves herself time by going straight to the closet to put on a suitable jumpsuit when she has little time before leaving the house.

    With this all-in-one jumpsuit at your disposal, you won't have to worry about unnecessary stress this spring/summer about selecting the ideal mix of your fashion items for a casual day.

    Let's take a look at the hottest jumpsuit trends for this spring/summer:

    Silk Jumpsuits

    What could be a better option if you want to sparkle and glisten in the sun than donning a silk jumpsuit that comes in a variety of shades and colors? This summer, they provide you with a gentle touch as you wander the streets.

    Choose any sandal or ballet flat of your choice to go with it. As far as the pockets go, your preferences are entirely up to you. There are silk jumpsuits with or without side or front pockets.

    A mom with an athletic build would look great in a blue silk jumpsuit with side pockets and an elastic drawstring waist. A slightly chubby woman, however, may look better in a classic black jumpsuit with front pockets and a button front closure than in any other article of clothing.

    Cotton Jumpsuits

    Jumpsuits made of cotton: If you want a dressier appearance, a cotton tuxedo jumpsuit will look great on you. It works well to have one that has side pockets like any other formal trousers. Pick one with a front button and a concealed zipper.

    The majority of these tuxedo jumpsuits are black, but some have also caught the eye of fashionistas in maroon and light blue. The best fashion footwear to wear with a formal version is stilettos or pumps.

    Strapless Jumpsuits

    These jumpsuit designs are the most avant-garde ones. Such dresses have a wide range of styles because of the absence of straps, which enables them to have several daring and unorthodox styles.

    Purchase a strapless cargo jumpsuit, for instance, and go for a walk on the beach with your dog as people watch. Additionally, you can attempt the stunning strapless short jumpsuits if, despite becoming a mom, your figure is in great shape.

    You should consider a Capri jumpsuit in a strapless style if you have long legs. Denim jumpsuits have been designed to fit even curvy forms, and they are now available in stores. Additionally, these strapless jumpsuits feature floral prints.

    Check here for the best jumpsuits deals only at Ikonj

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    Kitenge Tops for Everyday Wear: The Complete Guide


    What is Kitenge

    Women frequently use kitenge, a fabric from East Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa, wrapped over their chests or waists, over their heads as a headscarf, or as a baby sling. Kitenges are often vibrant pieces of cloth.

    The History of Kitenge Clothing

    Batik fabrics were found in Indonesia during the Dutch colonization, and traders from that nation carried samples back to their home country. Dutch textile producers created methods for machine-printing cloth in large quantities and began making less expensive imitation batik fabrics. The traditional batik fabrics were preferred in Indonesia, where these new materials were not well-liked. However, when they were introduced to West Africa in the 1880s, they were favorably received.

    After serving in Indonesia, soldiers from West Africa returned home with batik fabrics, which helped to popularize the textiles. Before production began in African nations, the cloth was made for many years by several various producers in Europe, notably the British and Dutch.

    Why You Should Consider Wearing Kitenge Tops

    African attire called a kitenge top is typically worn by guys. But in recent years, ladies have started to wear tops more frequently. This is because the tops are adaptable and suitable for a wide range of circumstances.

    Africa is the source of the kitenge. It was originally used by Africans as apparel, but now it is popular throughout many other cultures.

    The advantages of wearing kitenge tops and how it can be a simple method to enhance your fashion game will be covered in this post.

    Wearing a kitenge top can provide you with several advantages, both practical and cosmetic. Kitenge top is a wonderful summertime garment that may be worn as a top, a skirt, or a dress.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    We'll look at a few justifications for wearing kitenge tops in this article.

    with other pieces in your wardrobe, kitenge tops, an African garment, can be worn as either formal or casual attire. For a more casual look, they can be worn with skirts or pants and even with high heels or sneakers.

    1. Kitenge Tops Display Your Sense of Style:

    There's no disputing that kitenge tops convey your sense of style and attire! They are often made of bold, vibrant, and colorful cloth that lets you show off your flair.

    Types of Kitenge Tops, Designs for ladies in 2022

    Kaftan Top

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    An outer jacket, a jacket, a dress, or a suit may be worn over the warm kaftan top. It's a loose, long-sleeved top that's available in a variety of designs and prints. This top goes well with virtually anything, including dresses, sweatpants, loose shirts, and cardigans. Shop for Kitenge Kaftan tops with us at Ikojn.

    Maxi/Longline Top

    If you are unsure about your size, this top is ideal. The cloth must be comfy and supportive enough to keep you standing. To fit comfortably around your allotted measurements without being too tight, the top should also feature an empire waistband.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    Wrap Tops

    This top works well for many different situations. It can be dressed up for a big occasion or worn simply with a pair of jeans. This top should be tied or have a zipper to close it at the top, with a large enough opening at the bottom to allow for the complete range of motion.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    Cinched Waist Top

    This shirt works well for many different situations, such as work or school. It is both attractive and cozy to wear. The waistband of the top should be low cut so that it covers all of your skin and fits comfortably around your body.

    Peplum Top

    The loose-fitting peplum top is available in a wide range of patterns and styles. Given that it creates the impression that you are wearing a dress, you may pair it with nearly anything. Given that it appears so formally lovely when worn appropriately, it ranks among the dressiest tops for ladies. Both traditional and contemporary fashions feature peplum tops.

    Blouse Top

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    The blouse is a shirt that most closely resembles the conventional feminine figure. This top is a classic because of the broad straps, boat-neck design, somewhat longer hemline, and modest collarbones. It is one of the best options for women's tops thanks to its button-down collar and modest empire waist. However, because of the chest straps, blouses look their best when worn with lower bust sizes. A blouse that is smaller than usual in size will allow you more leeway if your bust size is greater.

    Tunic Top

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear Kitenge Ankara

    Loose-fitting gowns called tunic tops are frequently paired with sandals or boots. A top with many different wearable combinations is the tunic. It may be dressed down with a belt and some shoes or worn when you want to feel more laid back. Do not, under any circumstances, bring a tunic to work! If you do, you will become extremely enraged.

    What's The Difference Between a Short-Sleeve and Long-Sleeve Top?

    The distinction between long sleeves and short sleeves is the subject of this essay.

    Shirts with long sleeves wrap the arm from the wrist to the shoulder. When a shirt has short sleeves, the entire arm—from the wrist to the shoulder—is not covered.

    Long sleeves cover more of your arms than short sleeves do, which is the primary distinction between the two types of sleeves.

    Although long sleeve tops often keep you warmer than short sleeve tops, they don't provide as much sun protection.

    A blouse with sleeves that go past the elbow is referred to as having long sleeves. Shirts with short sleeves are sleeveless garments.

    Warmth in chilly weather and sun protection is provided by long sleeves. They also conceal scars and tattoos, which is a benefit for people who want to cover up their body art or cover up their skin.

    In warm weather, short sleeves are ideal because they keep the wearer cool and prevent sunburns or tan lines.

    To pair your kitenge top with your everyday outfit you should first decide what kind of kitenge top you have - a kanga top, a kikoi top, etcetera - and then pick out an outfit that will go well with it!

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    Tips on What to wear in the holidays

    A Guide On What To Wear This Holiday Season

    The best holiday season outfit ideas are those that are comfortable and easy to wear. They should make you feel festive and happy when you think of what they signify while still being an outfit that can last through the season.

    People like to shop for new outfits during the holiday season. The best time to do this is around Christmas or New Year's Eve. This is when most people get some time off from work or school, so they have more time to go shopping for look-good clothes.

    It is not easy to find the perfect outfit for a festive occasion. That is why we have come up with this list of curated outfits for the holiday season. These outfits are guaranteed to make you look great, feel confident, and spend less money on all of your Christmas shopping, which we all know can get pretty expensive!

    The holiday season is the time for spending, having fun, and dressing to impress. From basic Christmas clothing to exciting New Year outfits, this list provides you with several gifting ideas. The best part is all these items can be shopped online and have been picked by us to ensure that they are the best holiday season outfit ideas.

    Tips on What to wear in the holidays

    Styling For The Sunny Days

    When it's summertime, all you want to do is go on a vacation and have fun! And what better way to have fun than by dressing up in the latest trends that are out there? I am going to share my favorite fashion trends for this season.

    You can also opt for some cute sundresses that will keep you comfortable without compromising on style.

    If you are more into pants then go for shorts and bright-colored tights with them or if you are looking for a more chic look then use either high-waisted jeans, jeans, or even a jumpsuit.

    - Wear some fabulous floppy hats with your summer outfits too because they'll keep the sun out of your eyes but also look so cute at the same time!

    At Ikojn we just have what you’ve been looking  for this holiday season

    Mini Dresses

    • The Lilly Dress by Ikojn is perfect for the summer, with its cheerful colors and loose, flowing silhouette. For a vacation look, try pairing it with a  hat and sandals, while on a summer day.
      Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
    • Lilly dresses are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are light, airy, and can be styled for any occasion. For the upcoming summer season, we recommend you go for bright colors such as the Casa Lily Dress with its colorful patterns. This short paragraph is about how Lilly dresses are versatile enough to match any event or occasion, especially warm-weather outfits.


    • The Lola dress is perfect for summer days. It is cheerful, comfortable, and easygoing. Give your style a little color by accenting it with brightly colored accessories or opt for a bright pair of shoes to match the dazed pattern on this summertime essential. 
    • Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
    • This Lola dress combines bright plain colors such as yellow and green with dark, earthy colors like browns and oranges. With this dress you can easily get away with packing one pair of shoes - flip-flops will be your best friend!


    Let's be honest, Summer is the time of year when we should be wearing shorts, whether they are short-shorts or capris, shorts are the perfect way to go when it's a sunny day.

    Shorts Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    I like to wear my capris with a crochet top. I find that this is an outfit that always makes me feel like I'm not wearing anything at all because of its comfort and style. Another outfit that I love to wear during the summertime is my white high-waisted denim shorts with a menswear-inspired button-down shirt and a floppy hat.

    Styling For The Cold Days

    Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    We all spend vacations in search of warmth and comfort. But we need to be prepared for the cold, it's already approaching. It’s time to think about how to dress properly for those cold days. What do you wear when it’s cold outside? If you follow our suggestions, your holiday season will be much more comfortable!

    First and foremost, while beginning to put together an outfit for Christmas, be sure to make the appearance truly classic with a nod to modern refinement. For instance, a black waist belt could complete your ensemble this Christmas. I would go with a classic look and select a top in a bright color and bottoms that are deeper in color (perhaps black).


    As the cold season approaches, everyone updates their wardrobe to match the season. Cold season means clothes in which you feel comfortable and stylish. Minimalism will not only make you stand out this Christmas, but it will also make you stand out.


    The cold season is associated with Christmas, a holiday that everyone looks forward to. People wear new clothes, buy each other gifts, cook delicious food and decorate their homes. Fashion doesn't seem so important until you realize that everyone around you spends a lot of money to look very stylish on that special day when they have to meet family, colleagues, and friends. In one-day Fashion tips and ideas are just a click away. But again, you should know your body type and follow a certain fashion trend, and dress accordingly. You may not always be able to wear what your favorite celebrities are wearing this Christmas, but you can always get different fashion ideas and then decide to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories that match your personality and personality.

    This Christmas, go for greens and reds to brighten the mood. Invest in trendy coats, cardigans, skinny jeans, printed leggings, scarves, knee-length skirts, jeans, woolen sweaters, woolen hats, printed socks, and gloves. Gone are the days when men and women loved cardigans and big sweaters. This Christmas is all about clothes that will make you look beautiful and fresh.


    Black is always the right color. Both men and women loved to wear black and boring clothes and still do. But this time, choose something brighter. If green and red don't suit you, choose purple, gray and hot pink.


    Additionally, women should wear a long jacket or half coat made of fur, leather, or wool. If you choose a long sweater, you can wear printed leggings and your favorite knee-high boots under it. If you decide to dress up, you can wear it under a knee-length skirt with printed leggings and tall boots. Don't forget to pick up an irreplaceable pre-Christmas scarf. When everything is ready, wrap a cashmere or wool scarf around your neck. Decorate your Christmas outfit with fashion accessories. Invest in clutches, belts, and jewelry that can be worn both day and night. Christmas decorations can be bought in the nearest stores.

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear o line Shopping tips

    Tips Every Woman Should Know To Help You Shop For Clothes Online

    Even though more and more people are turning to the Internet to purchase anything from groceries to furniture in recent years, individuals are still a little hesitant when it comes to shopping for clothing online. It is understandable why many people find it difficult to comprehend how someone might decide a garment would look well on them without first trying it on. However, there are a lot of advantages to buying clothes online, such as huge discounts, which should persuade anyone to give it a try.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya Women's Fashion Styles African Wear Hot Weather wear Midi Dresses Collection Short dress

    1. Carefully read the product description.

    This may seem quite obvious at first, but I am a victim of the "fast glance shopping syndrome." When you purchase online, you peruse the websites while looking at product images. Once you find an image of a product you like, you might not read the full product description in-depth. Without getting into the weeds of the product, you could just read the item summary. This is a serious error because the product description can include facts about it that you find unappealing and could affect your choice to buy. It might also provide some hints on the fit and sizing of that specific clothing.


    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear o line Shopping tips

    In reality, I once purchased a dress from an internet retailer from which I had previously made several purchases. Without reading the complete product description, I placed my purchase in my regular size, and sure enough, the dress was quite tight at the shoulders, requiring alterations. I was a little taken aback (and disappointed), but when I went back to the website, it was included in the product description. This dress is supposed to run small, so they advise getting one size bigger! Now, if only I had first read the complete product description! So before you even add an item to your cart, much less proceed to checkout, make sure you read the entire product description.

    2. Check that size chart and take some measurements!

    It's crucial to go to the store's size guide when purchasing clothing online to make sure you are obtaining the right size for your frame. Don't order the size you "normally" buy because various retailers and designers occasionally have different size charts. As a result, take your measurements first; typically, knowing your bust, waist, and hip sizes will be enough for you to figure out where you fall on the store's size chart. You can choose the appropriate size thanks to this every time.

    3. Employ Tools for Store Shopping

    These days, a lot of online clothing retailers offer distinctive solutions to aid their customers in determining which goods would look best on them. A lot of women's clothing retailers offer this feature, which you may find listed under "Shop by Body Shape" or "Shop by Body Type." Check the online store you're shopping on to see whether they offer such tools to help you choose your ideal items.

    4. Review the return policy in full!

    No matter how carefully you choose the appropriate goods in the right sizes, you will occasionally need to return something. Because of this, it is crucial to understand the return policy of an online retailer before making a purchase. Verify whether they offer store credit, refunds, or the ability to return sale items, among other things. Do not assume you can return an item because return policies between shops might vary greatly. To ensure that you are covered if you need to return an item, carefully review these small prints before making your actual purchase.

    5. Review Return Shipping Guidelines

    These days, several internet retailers provide free return delivery. This means that the store will pay your shipping charges to return an item to them if you elect to do so. You should feel confident doing business with stores that have such a policy because they are typically the ones that take customer care extremely seriously and are determined to make their customers' shopping experience enjoyable. Before placing an order, be sure to check for such a policy because it will make your online shopping experience stress-free to know that any return shipping is covered.

    Here are five suggestions to aid you in selecting wisely when you shop for clothing online. Remember that you can find extra-special discounts online, so I urge you to try your hand at online clothing shopping soon.

    It's a fantastic idea to browse both physical and online stores to see what women's fashion trends are now popular. When the time comes for you to choose what to get a person, this may provide you with a lot of new alternatives. Finding that unique gift for the person you are shopping for should be much simpler if you use some of the above recommendations

    Finding the Best Online Clothing Store

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear o line Shopping tips

    Because we spend a significant amount of time outdoors, choosing appropriate outdoor attire is important for both men and women. You can choose from a variety of brands and dress cases at that location, so narrowing down your search to a specific need is crucial to obtaining the best price. It disregarded signs like:


    Material - The type of fabric used for outdoor clothing varies depending on whether it is summer or winter. If cotton clothing is the best choice for summer, you'll need woolen or polyester clothing in the winter. Choose clothing that meets your needs while taking into account the weather.

    Trade names: For each substance, there should be a few names that stand out as the best options. Their dresses will be of excellent quality, enticing design, and affordable price range. You briefly identify a few trade names at one point and look for dresses under those.


    The Store - As of right now, the best selections of outdoor clothes can be found at several online retailers. Use online search engines to learn about the best clothes stores around. However, since most connected stores offer complimentary shipping services versus clubs of certain lower limit amounts of money for Women's Clothing Accessories, it is not necessary that the store better knows about your home.


    Since you must cater to the fashion impulses of your customers, you must highlight the current trends in clothing. You'll know what to look for in these lines and be able to please your customers. These may seem like a waste of your money, especially if you frequently replace your breeds with the most casual clothing for women. However, you have no reason to be concerned. You'll be able to generate a sizable amount of cash for immediate payment while making Japanese-style bulk purchases. These are the three major offenses that will help you choose the best outdoor clothing for you. You won't just be able to make a profit, but you'll also be able to run the best, most fashionable online apparel business with the right merchandisers and a good selling reputation.


    View our broad selection of women's attire for all events at Ikojn

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    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me.

    One of the easiest strategies to increase your confidence is to wear attractive clothes. It does not include purchasing the most costly or newest clothing. Instead, it is selecting the attire that compliments you the most.

    What formal attire is appropriate for me? If this is a question on your mind, we encourage you to read on. See our advice on selecting the appropriate formal attire as well as how to style your clothing for various settings


    What Formal|Official Clothing Is Best for Me? How to Read the Size Guide

    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    What official attire looks best on me? The size guidance is one of the keys to resolving this query. Your choice of formal dress size depends on several factors.


    Your bust, waist, and hip measurements are the three most crucial ones.


    To determine your bust size, get a tape measure and wrap it tightly around your chest. Make careful measurements around the broadest region of your chest. While standing upright, your arms should be at your sides.


    Measure the narrowest region of your torso for the waist. An alternative measurement method is to bend to the side and measure where your waist creases. It usually sits two inches or so above your belly button.


    Standing straight, measure around the broadest part of your hips. What about the duration? From your shoulder to the dress's bottom, take a measurement.


    When collecting your measurements, make sure you wear your underwear. If you lack confidence, ask a friend or a seasoned seamstress to snap the photos for you.


    Be aware that dress sizes can vary depending on the designer of the official attire. The trick is to use your largest measurement as a guide and adhere to the designer's sizing chart.


    Always choose the next larger dress size if your dimensions don't fit the precise values on the chart. An alteration is an option if the dress ends up being longer than necessary.

    Body Types: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Busty

    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Creating your sense of style is important, but choosing a dress that flatters your body shape is indispensable. Your body's inherent form or silhouette is known as your body type. There is always a dress that will fit your body type the best.


    If you have an apple body type, you have thin thighs and legs. Your upper body frame is more noticeable, though. Additionally, your midsection is rounder.


    Choose a dress with a distinguishing feature for your waist, such as a plunging neckline. A dress with an off-shoulder design or a deeper "V" will also look good. A strapless ball gown with an A-line shape will add volume to your broad frame.


    The hourglass body type contrasts a larger bust with a slim waist. An asymmetrical curve is produced on the upper and mid-body because the width of the hips is generally equivalent to the size of the bust.


    Utilize figure-hugging women's gowns to highlight your curves. Block-colored dresses with high necklines will emphasize your figure even more.


    Look for a dress with a slim waistline and a fitting appearance if you have a bust-prone body type. A dress that emphasizes your breast and looks great on your lower body is a great option.


    Avoid going overboard by avoiding outfits with really high necklines. These choices will simply undermine your overall appearance and personal style and make you appear bustier.


    Dresses with halter necks or plunging bodices are appropriate for women with pear-shaped bodies. Instead, they highlight your slender shoulders.

    For the Slender and Petite

    Due to their short and slender upper bodies, petite ladies should wear dresses in the color black. A prom-style dress in a single color will assist lengthen the figure.


    You can also put on a dress with a higher waist belt. It gives the appearance that your legs are longer, which effectively increases your height.


    What if you're an athletic or lean person? Your rectangular frame and square shoulders need a garment that adds curves. Find a dress with a smaller waist or a flared tail that fits your breast and hips.


    Similar to a cinched empire waist, a ball gown skirt will work.

    Evening Outfit 

    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    When it comes to fashion advice, the colors and fabrics count. The finest options for party dresses in the spring or summer are those with vibrant colors.


    During the fall or winter, however, black, gold, silver, or crimson is ideal. Make the appropriate accessory purchases to highlight your clothing. Start with a small, distinctively shaped purse.


    If purses are not your style, a sophisticated handbag is a good substitute. Semi-precious stone jewelry is another option.


    Remember the dress code

    Style Advice for What Formal|Official Dress Fits Me from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Last but not least, follow the formal attire dress code. State dinners and extravagant wedding celebrations are examples of white-tie occasions. Additionally, they make the ideal setting for ball gowns.


    Your floor-length gowns are perfect for black-tie affairs. Black-tie events, on the other hand, are more laid-back than their formal counterparts. Stick to long or mid-length cocktail dresses in versatile colors and materials since they are still formal.


    Pick airy, free-flowing attire for outdoor occasions like beach weddings. Choose designs and colors that are more vibrant and don't go too far from formal attire. To prevent sinking in the sand, wear wedges or block heels.


    Choose a midi or knee-length dress for cocktail hour. Avoid wearing minis and sundresses that are too casual for the occasion.


    Last but not least, the best-tailored formal clothing is required for formal business events. Look for fashionable clothing that you can wear around VIPs. Fitted sheath dresses in business-casual hues can help you pull off the appearance, provided they fall just above your knee.


    A structured handbag and a pair of power shoes will finish off your look.


    Check out our selection of formal attire.

    Tips For Wearing Outstanding Accessories With Formal Dresses

    The right accessories can help you look more stylish and offer extra style points to formal clothes. Don't you think there are instances when a genuinely spectacular accessory might be the ideal finishing touch for your look and leave others with an impression they won't soon forget? In this article, we will discuss some suggestions for wonderful accessories to wear with formal dresses. Let's dive in and find something lovely!


    Women's preferred jewelry is likely necklaces. You can have an obvious one if you wear low-cut or collarless formal clothes. When attending formal events like award ceremonies, you may want to consider using gold, silver, or precious stones to lend a sense of elegance and shine to your clothing. Remember that a dress with a low neckline may conflict with a big necklace; your neckline will look too crowded. If you choose a low neckline, then scale back on the accessories.


    If you're wearing a sleeveless dress, a couple of bracelets, particularly ones with diamonds embedded in them, will give you an elegant appearance. By adding stylish items where your arms are already exposed, you do bring your appearance together wonderfully.


    When you're wearing a fancy outfit, you must have a set of delicate earrings. Try some "ethnic style" metallic earrings that have an Asian or African flair; metallic tones are really in right now.


    Since you'll be displaying your earrings a lot if you have short hair, this is the perfect justification for wearing large, dazzling earrings. However, diamond stud earrings, which are adorable but subtle, are the best option if you prefer a less assertive appearance.


    Gloves are the ideal accessory for this type of event to make you appear chic and refined. A pair of fine silk gloves enhance the look and feel of a woman or princess when worn with formal attire. Long gloves are considerably better if the dress is sleeveless.


    Naturally, high heels are the preferred footwear style. There isn't a shoe out there right now that goes better with formal gowns. Unique and endearing options will have metallic or sparkling accents. Always keep in mind that heels shouldn't be too short.


    One of a woman's most attractive features is her legs. While showing off your bare legs beneath your dress is OK, you might want to think about donning matching stockings to look more feminine and attract attention to the lovely lines of your legs. They are also a highly seductive item, so any males who catch a glimpse of your stockings will be very intrigued.

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    Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Choosing the Right Waist Belt for Your Needs: A Comprehensive Guide

    Everyone is aware that a belt is simply a flexible strap used to keep your jeans or any other article of clothing in place. Belts frequently have a big impact on how women dress. If you hadn't already understood this, you should now consider altering your perspective while also paying more attention to this fashion piece.

    Types of waist leather belts for women

    Although they have been around since the Bronze Age, belts were mostly worn by men until quite recently. There are more types of women's belts than men's belts on the market today. This is because women's belts not only help keep clothes tight but are also a great fashion accessory for them. Designer and fashionable embellished belts adorn a woman well. They can do this without wearing fancy jewelry to accent their outfit. Fashion Women's Belts Women's belts have different buckles available in different colors and sizes. With a unique design, these belts ooze femininity and you'll find them perfect for any outfit you wear. Women can flaunt their casual modern outfits with the right belt. In addition to simple leather belts, below are simple leather belts for everyday wear.

    •  Suede belts - look great with jeans or other pants with small buckles, scarves, or miniskirts with small, thin buckles.


    •  Woven Leather Belts - These belts are crafted by skilled artisans.


    •  Wide Buckle Belts – These types of belts are at least two to three inches wide and have decorative buckles.


    • Cinch straps are three to eight inches wide. Thicker belts are also known as corset belts. They can be leather (or similar) or elastic. Chain Belts - This type adds sparkle and shines to a pair of jeans or a long tunic.


    • Tie Belts: These belts are made of leather ties and some decorations like shells, coins, or discs. They tie in the front and can be worn with or without a belt loop.


    • Belts with hand embroidery. These embroidered leather belts for women are usually decorated with rhinestones, other semi-precious stones, and turquoise. These women's belts are available in a wide range and all styles. They are available in almost all colors. Beaded Belts - Artistic designs are created with colorful beads and sequins, making these designer fashion belts very attractive decorative pieces.


    • Glass belts are a combination of multi-colored belts made with clear and multi-colored beads of various shapes and sizes. Most fashionistas prefer these belts for a sophisticated look and they go well with any casual outfit.


    • Designer Belts – These are available in many designs like bone and horn belts, and beautiful jute beaded belts. Fashionable patterns and bright colors are the specialties of this type of designer belt.


    • Stylish Leather Belt – Simple yet stylish, these leather belts are available in a variety of bright colors and shades that can be paired with both formal and casual wear.


    The Importance of Choosing the Right Waist Belt

    Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Many people are unaware of how important belts are for adding style to women's clothing. It's crucial to always keep in mind that a belt is a key component of fashion.


    You may make your closet appear to be stuffed with contemporary clothing. The same clothing might look different by using the right belt


    By learning how to style an outfit with belts, you can double the amount of clothing you own. This is so that you can wear a single dress in a variety of ways. There is a huge selection of women's belts on the market, offering various colors, sizes, materials, and styles. Women frequently receive excellent quality and great elegance from leather belts.


    You may make a long, baggy shirt that is designed for males to look more like a woman's dress by adding a belt to it. It will have a completely distinct style.

    Choosing the right belt quality and size

    Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    A wide belt can give you a vintage-inspired look, and leather belts can bring new life to an outmoded ensemble. Women's leather belts can be found in plenty on the market. The three main factors you should think about when purchasing these are good quality, a fair price, and the right size because a belt that is too big or too tiny won't give you the appearance you want. You won't use a belt of bad quality for very long, and you won't ever want that.

    Women's stylish belts are this season's essential accessory. Almost every outfit implies the need for a belt. Belts go well with more than just jeans—they go well with dresses, sweaters, and even skirts. We select the belt that will decorate us this season after examining the fashion belts for the current season. At least three of these types of belts—classic, unadorned with a simple buckle, slender, and wide to draw attention to the waist—should be available in the women's locker room.

    Choosing the right belt colors

    Waist belt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya


    It is typically advised for you to have belts in your wardrobe in both vibrant and neutral colors when it comes to color. You can use these in the fall and winter. Women tend to wear dark hues during these seasons, but wearing a belt in a bright color might help you feel more alive by balancing out the weight of your attire.


    Belts in neutral hues are a fantastic choice because they blend with anything in your wardrobe.


    If you don't know how to dress, just choose your simplest outfits and accessorize them with a lovely belt to look stylish and current.


    Belts in both bright and dark hues will give the clothing a more put-together appearance. The belt's color can be chosen to coordinate with the dress it must be worn with. Belts of vibrant colors are worn with winter clothing that is dark and gray in tone. Any dress can be worn with a light-colored belt, and that will accomplish the goal. If you're unsure of what to wear and need a rule of thumb, use a great belt with any plain dress you can find. It will appear current.


    Buy the best accessories for women's wear


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    Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Tips On How To Look Stylish While Wearing A Maxi Skirt


    Perhaps the coziest, most attractive, and most adaptable item of apparel for ladies is the maxi skirt. Unfortunately, styling it is not the easiest. Even though it's fashionable, making the wrong decisions can diminish its allure. The way you wear your long skirt and the style you select can have a significant impact. Even the most basic maxi may look great with these tricks.

    Maxi Skirt Appropriate Occasions

    Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Maxi skirts can be worn as modest clothing, as well as for business, casual, formal, street fashion, and pregnancy. Flowy, form-fitting, pleated, round, A-line, and slit are among the different fashions. A maxi skirt can be worn with either a low or high waist. They come in a range of materials, but most ladies favor the softer, more stylish chiffon and satin. Solid, printed, and pattern colors are all available.

    The right combination of colors and styles is essential for styling a maxi skirt. A maxi skirt requires a basic, understated combination when worn during the day. In warm weather, you can choose colorful and gorgeous clothing and accessories. Pair with stylish and alluring tops and accessories for a night out.

    Who can Wear Maxi Skirts

    Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Long skirts can make women who are petite or large appear dwarfish or overwhelmed, thus they sometimes avoid wearing them. However, the appropriate styling techniques can produce a taller and thinner appearance. Here are several flattering body shapes for various silhouettes.

    • Short women who want to appear taller should wear brighter shirts and darker-colored skirts.
    • Another elongating combination is a halter or V-neck shirt with a striped skirt.
    • For more height, you can also wear a wide belt and tall heels.
    • Choose a skirt that is just right—not too baggy, nor too tight.
    • Maxi skirts worn with cropped tops will also provide the appearance of height.
    • On tall women, a shirt that hits at the hip looks terrific. Try wearing a button-down shirt knotted at the waist if you are tall.
    • On tall, thin ladies, a pencil-style maxi skirt looks fantastic.
    • You should go for a maxi skirt with horizontal stripes if you are tall and thin. They give off a wider and shorter appearance. Lean girls look great in billowy maxis, especially when worn with sleeveless or spaghetti shirts.

    Select the Length of the Maxi Skirt

    Your height will determine the ideal maxi skirt length for you. It should rest a few inches above the ankle at its shortest point. Long maxis might reach the floor or end just above the toenails. Avoid wearing floor-sweeping skirts for comfort when moving around. When putting one on, walk normally to determine whether it is comfortable.

    How to Dress Subtly Under a Maxi Dress

    Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    You can wear your regular underwear with your maxi skirt. It could be either bike shorts, pants, or both. Several points to think about

    • Maxi skirts are best worn with full-back underwear (rather than a thong or going commando) to prevent the skirt from getting caught between your buttocks and cheeks.
    • There is no requirement to wear additional clothing underneath a sheer maxi skirt if you don't want to. Choose a sheer maxi that reveals the parts of you that you feel comfortable showing. Also, keep in mind that certain lined sheer maxi skirts still show through.
    • Some women contend that see-through skirts are intended to reveal underwear, so they can wear them without being concerned that others will see what they're wearing. Others have chosen to go without any underwear at all in a fruitless attempt to hide their underwear from the gaze of the public, but your mileage may vary.
    • Wearing tights, leggings, or pettipants is another option. Many people avoid doing this since it would ruin the fun of wearing a maxi skirt. Another option is to wear a bandage, mini, mid, or bodycon skirt underneath the maxi. Given that two thick waistbands are competing for space, this may be excessively fancy and unpleasant for certain people.

    Maxi Skirts That Tuck In
    Wearing your skirt over a half slip, sometimes known as a waist slip, is likely your best bet. They come in a range of materials and are inexpensive. The precise shade might not be required. Usually, a close contest will do.

    Even though slips are thin, unless they are worn out, they do not show through translucent dresses. There are also full slips that strap from the shoulders. However, because of their weight, they are typically used by elderly women or for gowns for special occasions.

    From just over the ankle to just above the knee, lengths vary. But you may also go with a formal/maxi slip if you'd like. Slips keep you warmer and can cause you to perspire. In the summer, experiment with several textiles to determine which keeps you cooler. When wearing light-colored dresses and skirts, avoid pairing them with too-dark slips.

    Slips and half slips have advantages.

    Maxi Skirt for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
    • skinny elasticized waists that complement the waist of the skirt
    • They are dry, lightweight, and simple to clean.
    • They warm you up.
    • Wear one with all of your transparent skirts and dresses.
    • They allow your skirt or dress to flow softly rather than cling.
    • They prevent chaffing, especially if the skirt is made of sturdy material like wool.
    • You can wear your outfit longer with less cleaning if you wear your belt over the slip since it will be protected from perspiration.
    • Wear a slip that covers your thighs when wearing flimsy clothing to highlight the shape of your lower legs.

    How to Style a Top To Go With With Maxi Skirts

    • The top you choose to wear with your maxi skirt has a significant impact on how you look as a whole.
    • While a tight skirt looks good with a loose top, a billowy skirt looks best with a fitted top.
    • A solid-colored ensemble goes better with a printed top than a printed skirt, and vice versa.
    • A layered top is acceptable as well. One layer can be tucked in, and the other one can flow.
    • You'll want to stay warm during the cold. Adding a T-shirt underneath your top will make you warmer. Opt for a long-sleeved shirt.
    • Another choice is to wear a cardigan over a chambray shirt tucked in. This combo works beautifully.
    • If required, in the fall, try a buttoned shirt and a jersey.
    • Attempt a blazer. Solid-colored blazers are more appropriate for professional settings, while patterned blazers look excellent with a plain skirt. Try a loose-fitting skirt and a shiny jacket.
    • Jeans and denim jackets will help you look stylishly casual. The majority of them make excellent accessories for spring and summer because they're light and comfortable enough to wear during the day.
    • For summer, a white t-shirt is appropriate. Choose a short-sleeved top if you intend to spend the day in the sun.

    Shoes That Go Well With A Maxi Skirt

    The weather, the style of your skirt, and the occasion are important factors to take into account when choosing what shoes to wear with a maxi skirt.

    • Choose closed-toed footwear in colder climates and ventilated footwear in warm climates.
    • Wear shoes that go with your top. If you're unable to achieve that, use neutral hues like black and brown for your shoes because they work with a wide variety of outfits.
    • Elegant heels provide a fantastic look and feel.
    • High-heeled shoes are ideal for pear-shaped and petite women to get this elongating effect. Almost any occasion is appropriate for a maxi skirt and heels.
    • With maxi skirts, peep-toe pumps look especially adorable.
    • Women of average height and short stature look beautiful in maxi skirts with Wedges.
    • Tall women look beautiful in flats. Choose flats that are neither too casual nor too manly for special occasions. Choose strappy flats to go with long skirts and dresses.
    • A maxi skirt and boots convey a tough appearance. Winter is the perfect time to wear boots.
    • Choose beautifully patterned or lace-up boots for casual trips. It's preferable to select boots that are higher than your hemline, but you can also select boots with low or high heels according to your preferences.
    • If the fabric of your skirt is soft, stay away from over-the-knee boots.
    • A maxi skirt and shoes mix well together for casual attire. It gives off a youthful, girlish appearance. You can pair canvas sneakers with a t-shirt for summertime casual attire.

    What shoes you wear will depend on how long your skirt is. For instance, floor-length skirts look great with high heels. In the winter, you can wear above-the-ankle skirts with leggings, tights, or socks.

    A maxi skirt's versatility should not be understated. Whatever the thickness, wearing a belt is fantastic. A belt draws attention to the figure-8 while also lengthening the legs. Always select the greatest choice of the skirt in addition to thinking about what to wear with your maxi skirt. Being unable to appropriately dress is the outcome of poor skirt choices. Unnecessarily tall people have fewer shoe options and may pose a safety risk. If you follow the appropriate fashion advice, you'll have the luxury of a pajama and a lavish display of style. With any luck, this fashion advice can help you decide what to wear with a maxi skirt.

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    Body Types for women styling tips - Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya.



    A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

    Slim Model Wearing Cabana Maxi Dress by Ikojn

    Although we often attend lectures on body acceptance, we still don't seem to have fully overcome our concerns with body image. Even though there are countless styling suggestions on Pinterest, our self-esteem suffers when we don't look well in a dress we intended to wear. We must seek out the appropriate approaches if we want to escape the pattern of feeling hopeless about our bodies.


    Each of us has a unique body type and complexion. As a result, we must follow special styling advice that draws attention to our body structure. There are four main body form measurement guides as a result.


    • Shoulders: Wrap the measuring tape loosely around your shoulders' highest points.
    • Bust: Gently yet firmly wrap the measurement tape around the largest area of the bust.
    • Waist: It might be challenging to gauge the size of the waist. The waistband does not fit snugly around your waist. Wrap the measuring tape just below the navel, which is typically where your waist is the narrowest.
    • Measure your hips at their largest point once more. Place the measurement band just below your hipbones, around your butt.

    The Body Forms


    Choose the appropriate shape for your body when you have finished measuring it. For each body shape, here are a few styling suggestions:


    The Inverted Triangle Shape

    This body shape necessitates wearing clothing that draws attention to the lower half, such as A-line skirts or dresses, wide-legged pants, or boyfriend jeans. Additionally, they should stay away from halter-neck tops, thick straps, and boat-neck necklines. This body type is shared by famous people including Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and Rene Zellweger.


    The Square Body Type

    A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |The Square Body Type

    Product: Savage Wrap Top By Ikojn

    People with Athletic body types have this type of physique. Enhancing the waistline is the finest styling advice for folks with this body shape. Any soft fabric is worn with a belt, and belted jackets and mid-waisted pants are also excellent choices.


    The Apple Or Round Shape


    The body type with a spherical form can be challenging. This body type is characterized by a defined waistline and a larger upper torso. The best stylistic advice would be to use simple, sleek tops and jackets. Well-fitting jackets that aren't too skin-tight and tailored tops will work miracles. Avoid adding frills to your shoulders, and aim to show off your legs. Since this body type has wonderful legs, pencil skirts and straight denim all look fantastic on a round-shaped body. When selecting an outfit, try to keep the proportions of your upper and lower bodies the same.

    A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |The regular triangle shape


    The regular triangle shape.

    Credits: Ikojn

    The regular triangle shape,  This body type is shared by Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. This body type can wear tops that emphasize their upper body. For instance, necklines like the boat neck or the sweetheart's neck allow their shoulders to appear larger. Wearing layered tops is another way they can attempt to create volume in their upper torso. However, one of the most important stylistic advice for them is to avoid wearing long or cropped shirts.


    Shape like an hourglass.


    Even though Marilyn Monroe is the most well-known person with an hourglass figure, other famous people with this body type include Beyonce and Dita Von Teese. You would want to dress in a way that perfectly accentuates your waistline. The area of this body shape that is the slimmest is the waist. Avoid wearing loose clothing. You might choose a boat neck or scoop neck if you want your breast to look less large. Conversely, wearing turtleneck tops can have that effect.


    Take Away

    A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |Take away

    Amazing Outfits For Various Body Types from Ikojn Africa

    Finding clothes that fit your body type might be difficult. They must take measures of their bodies before looking for specific clothing that fits their body type. Although the whole task may be exceedingly difficult, you end up mastering it after some time. The outcome is usually always intriguing.

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    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya Blog |African Fabric

    African Fabric and How Its Made.

    African textiles reflect a diverse heritage and rich cultural heritage. They are beautiful and easily recognizable by their color, shape, and texture. It doesn't matter whether you are decorating your home or looking for attractive clothes. African fabrics give you what you need. Special symbols are often associated with these items. Today, the demand for African imports, especially textiles, is growing on the international market. From exotic colors and patterns to local prints, everything is exceptional. It seems very close to nature. With their help, you can sew any beautiful dress, decorate the house and engage in other creativity.

    Today, from the domestic market, African textiles have taken their place in the world market. African fabrics, especially African patterns, are worth mentioning. They are very typical Africans. A wide variety of African clothing is made from this fabric, from casual clothing to formal and elegant clothing. African prints come in a variety of designs, each with its own story. Colors, textures, symbols, shapes, marks: each has a different meaning. However, their meaning may vary by region, race, or individual. Typically, African prints depict local crafts, flora and fauna, events, people, scriptures, proverbs, and rituals, but deeper and more important meanings can be found. Africans take pride in formal and informal clothing with African designs.



    There are countless varieties of this fabric. In addition to clothes, there are various accessories such as hats, scarves, bags, purses, tablecloths, scarves, cushions and blankets, paintings, and wallpapers. Popular African dresses with African designs include long skirts, pants, tunics, suits and hats, dashikis, neutral tops, suits, and skirts. It belongs to him. And daily affairs in African media have recently become more and more popular in the West. Many famous designers present African models at international shows. This luxurious hand-woven, hand-woven, and hand-dyed fabrics are more popular than ever among Westerners. They decorated the house and sewed clothes with it.



    Afrikaans printing is a long process. Best of all, it's 100% cotton and handmade. As a rule, men weave cotton threads on a loom, while women draw and paint the fabric. Depending on the weather, an entire African print can last anywhere from 4 days to a week. Any artist who creates African prints spends a lot of time studying and researching a particular design. African prints are first fixed with a bonding solution. Then this image is drawn on the fabric using natural colors and tea. Each color of the African print has its meaning. Some African stories, folk, tales, or common proverbs may be suitable. Other popular and widely used colors are rust, cream, grey, bright red, purple, yellow and orange, etc. Floral sails are available in various color combinations. African designs were once used as camouflage or recognition by West African warriors and hunters. African weavers offer interesting colors and patterns throughout the year to attract customers from all over the world.



    Fabrics include cotton, sheep and camel wool, jute, linen, silk, clay, viscose, suede, lace, brocade, polyester, batik, batik, kitenge and kente. They are characteristic of Africa. In Africa, weavers are usually men and women who spin yarn. Children can also knit. Single and double machines are used for weaving. However, clay braid is also used in some parts of Africa. The use of colored threads and vegetable and mineral dyes are two of the most popular aspects of African fashion clothing. Most of the designs and motifs used to decorate fabrics have specific names, from plants, animals, events, proverbs, and tribal rituals to various characters.



    African design is in high demand around the world today. African style, elegance, beauty, and fashion are closely related to their roots. They will amaze you with their unique charm and simplicity. Today, many designers present their creations from authentic African fabrics at prestigious international fashion shows. You can find these fabrics in African fabric stores or buy them from various online stores. Each object has its own story, history, and symbol. African fabrics are impressive and wonderful. Today you will see many fashionistas wearing skirts made from African fabrics. In addition to clothing, African products are suitable for bags, wallpaper, cushions and blankets, home decoration, carpets, crafts, and other creative activities.



    Many of these fabrics have symbols designed and painted by African artisans that represent daily life, African proverbs, flora, and fauna. Whether you are a fashionista or someone who always wants to look beautiful, you know how difficult it is to look unique and stylish every day. African clothes are the answer to all your fashion problems. Africa is a vast continent, home to various peoples and tribes, each with its unique face that defines the nation. Imagine being able to choose from thousands of styles, patterns, and fabrics that are not only beautiful but full of symbolism and meaning. Africans are open-minded and it shows in the way they dress. African Design There are many reasons why



    African clothing never gets old or boring. The different types of clothing will leave you with one choice or another at the end of the day. The only thing you can change is the color or fit of the clothes you choose, otherwise, you will most likely end up stuck in the same old fashions and styles. African clothing varies not only in design but also in origin, fabric, color, and meaning. You can wear different African clothes for the rest of your life if you want. You can wear clothes from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Uganda, Egypt, and many other countries. Besides the country of origin, you can find Kitenge, Lace, Leso, Gele, Iro, Isiagu, Kanzu, Kalasyris, Braka, etc. can be selected. Each of these countries has a different tribe and each of these tribes has a different African fashion based on their culture and customs.



    On the diversity front, African clothing takes the trophy. Good clothes that are stylish and functional should be beautiful but also show what they are made for. African attire is just that. African people wear different clothes to represent different things at different times. For example, African funeral attire is very different from weddings, but it also applies to other ceremonies such as birthday celebrations, induction ceremonies, and casual wear. Different colors mean different things depending on your community. Simply put, Afro clothing combines style and function so perfectly that you can't tell where one begins and the other ends.

    |Visit our store for the latest Ankara, Kente, and Kitenge designs at www.ikojn.com

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