Ikojn is the top Women's Wear brand in Kenya that makes the most fashionable and stylish Jackets in Nairobi. Our designs are made of high-quality fabric. Our luxurious Jackets are the perfect way to unwind and indulge in the finer things that life has to offer. Soft, durable, and subtle enough to stay chic year-round, we’re stressing these are not your average cotton or polyester Jackets. These Jackets are a feminine and fashion-forward design that is as practical as it is attractive. It will fit you great and feel good on your body, without compromising on style. Our Jackets are a reflection of our commitment to the art form of fashion. We pride ourselves on producing limited edition collections that are not only innovative but also well-designed, with a strong focus on detailing and materials. Our designers take great care during the production process to ensure that the Jackets are authentic, well-made and aesthetically beautiful as they should be. We believe that Jackets  should be functional and inconspicuous, but also fun and expressive of your personality. That’s why we made items in fits, patterns and fabrics that you can evolve over time to match your look on any given moment. Our Jackets are designed around ideas of simplicity, comfort, durability, style and flexibility – characteristics that are essential for everyday wearability. With fashion forward styles and modern cuts, our iconic Jackets reflects the individuality of today's woman. With an unparalleled approach to fit and silhouette, we are passionate about offering women the opportunity to express their unique beauty with every style they wear. our women's clothing is inspired by everything from textiles to colour palettes. We produce a vast array of classic pieces with timeless silhouettes and a wide range of fabrics that you can mix, match and layer - just as you do your activewear. Make it your own.