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Although we often attend lectures on body acceptance, we still don't seem to have fully overcome our concerns with body image. Even though there are countless styling suggestions on Pinterest, our self-esteem suffers when we don't look well in a dress we intended to wear. We must seek out the appropriate approaches if we want to escape the pattern of feeling hopeless about our bodies.


Each of us has a unique body type and complexion. As a result, we must follow special styling advice that draws attention to our body structure. There are four main body form measurement guides as a result.


  • Shoulders: Wrap the measuring tape loosely around your shoulders' highest points.
  • Bust: Gently yet firmly wrap the measurement tape around the largest area of the bust.
  • Waist: It might be challenging to gauge the size of the waist. The waistband does not fit snugly around your waist. Wrap the measuring tape just below the navel, which is typically where your waist is the narrowest.
  • Measure your hips at their largest point once more. Place the measurement band just below your hipbones, around your butt.

The Body Forms


Choose the appropriate shape for your body when you have finished measuring it. For each body shape, here are a few styling suggestions:


The Inverted Triangle Shape

This body shape necessitates wearing clothing that draws attention to the lower half, such as A-line skirts or dresses, wide-legged pants, or boyfriend jeans. Additionally, they should stay away from halter-neck tops, thick straps, and boat-neck necklines. This body type is shared by famous people including Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, and Rene Zellweger.


The Square Body Type

A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |The Square Body Type

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People with Athletic body types have this type of physique. Enhancing the waistline is the finest styling advice for folks with this body shape. Any soft fabric is worn with a belt, and belted jackets and mid-waisted pants are also excellent choices.


The Apple Or Round Shape


The body type with a spherical form can be challenging. This body type is characterized by a defined waistline and a larger upper torso. The best stylistic advice would be to use simple, sleek tops and jackets. Well-fitting jackets that aren't too skin-tight and tailored tops will work miracles. Avoid adding frills to your shoulders, and aim to show off your legs. Since this body type has wonderful legs, pencil skirts and straight denim all look fantastic on a round-shaped body. When selecting an outfit, try to keep the proportions of your upper and lower bodies the same.

A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |The regular triangle shape


The regular triangle shape.

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The regular triangle shape,  This body type is shared by Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. This body type can wear tops that emphasize their upper body. For instance, necklines like the boat neck or the sweetheart's neck allow their shoulders to appear larger. Wearing layered tops is another way they can attempt to create volume in their upper torso. However, one of the most important stylistic advice for them is to avoid wearing long or cropped shirts.


Shape like an hourglass.


Even though Marilyn Monroe is the most well-known person with an hourglass figure, other famous people with this body type include Beyonce and Dita Von Teese. You would want to dress in a way that perfectly accentuates your waistline. The area of this body shape that is the slimmest is the waist. Avoid wearing loose clothing. You might choose a boat neck or scoop neck if you want your breast to look less large. Conversely, wearing turtleneck tops can have that effect.


Take Away

A Guide to Fashion tips for various body types common In Kenya. |Blog |Take away

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Finding clothes that fit your body type might be difficult. They must take measures of their bodies before looking for specific clothing that fits their body type. Although the whole task may be exceedingly difficult, you end up mastering it after some time. The outcome is usually always intriguing.

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