What is a trench coat?

A trench coat is a waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin outer garment. One of the most interesting aspects of a trench coat is that it was originally 

designed for soldiers. It was used in the trenches during World War I, which is why it is known as a Trench Coat.

History of trench coats and how they became popular

The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. The invention of the trench coat is claimed by two British luxury clothing manufacturers, Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the 1850s.

The trench coat was designed specifically for use during the war that inspired its name, a war spent mired in muddy, bloody trenches across Europe. It then evolved into a form that, despite being over 100 years old, remains startlingly current.

Trench coats were popularized by Humphrey Bogart and Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films, and have since become a fashion staple, available in a variety of colors from brands such as Burberry.

What to consider when choosing a trench coat

Dressing for the changing seasons can be difficult when you have to be ready for rain one minute and splitting sun the next. The timeless trench coat, on the other hand, can help during this fashion state of uncertainty. Your mother most likely had one, and your grandmother most likely did as well.

Personal preferences influence which style to select.

Trench coats are available with wide and narrow lapels, belted, buttoned, and open fronts, long, short, and everything in between. However, following some guidelines to suit your frame never hurts. Short or cropped lengths suit average to short stature, whereas the opposite will frequently dwarf a smaller stature. Those blessed with long legs can pull off long coats of various lengths; however, one that finishes just above the knee is the most common. Consider one with belted wrists to draw attention to slender arms, and a belted middle to draw in that waist.

Color and tone are the most important factors to consider. Trench coats were traditionally made in earthy tones like khaki and beige, as well as black and navy; however, they are now available in every season's color. If you value wearability, stick to the traditional color palette for maximum compatibility with your existing outfits. Don't be shy if your middle name is bold. Take a chance on a trendy color like a spicy mustard yellow or a light blue for the fall season. These vibrant shades suit big personalities and darker skin tones best, but if you have an English rose complexion, pastel and jewel tones will look better on you.

  • How to style your trench coat
  • After you've chosen your ideal trench coat, figuring out how to style it is the next step. If you choose to wear your trench coat to work, keep it simple with simple hair and an oversized tote bag. The neutral color scheme is ideal for this occasion and looks effortlessly chic with a skirt suit or shift dress. Unless you're wearing pants, a good rule of thumb is to make sure the hem of your coat falls before the hem of your skirt or dress and match it with high-quality, comfortable heels. A trench coat can also be worn on a day date over jeans or a gypsy dress.

    Trench coats are a fantastically versatile piece. They look equally good dressed casually or formally and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. In the dead of winter, you might want to reach for something heavier (unless you live somewhere very temperate), but it makes an excellent layering piece in the fall and spring. So, do you want to know when you should wear a trench coat? The solution is simple. It can be worn at any time if the weather permits.

    Which color and fabric?

    Trench coats are available in a variety of colors and fabrics today. Every color is available, from classic camel to neon pink. The fabrics also vary greatly: there are winter wool and leather cover-ups and spring and summer breezy silk cover-ups. It is entirely up to you whether you want a functional or a statement piece. Remember that the traditional cotton gabardine version in a neutral color like camel, gray, navy, or black will be more timeless and easy to style, but if you like statement pieces, go for it.

    Pink Trench Coat

    The spring season is always associated with the color pink, whether it is dusty rose, baby pink, or another. As a result, the pink trench is extremely popular among women. It gives them a soft, warm, and feminine look. Pink trenches are typically pastel pink and monochromatic. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer a more casual, relaxed, and informal look.

    Green Trench Coat

    The green trench coat is not a popular choice among women, possibly because green is a difficult color to style. However, in the last two years, the olive green version of the green has become very fashionable. Women choose this color for coats because it is the perfect balance of warm and cold colors and complements almost every color. The green or mint trench coat will get you there if you want to achieve a playful and colorful look.

    Black Trench Coat

    Black trench coats are less common, but they are stylish and versatile. A black trench coat can be worn with almost anything. Jeans are an excellent choice for a casual outfit.

    Trench coat designs in Kenya

    A trench coat is worn by almost every lady in Nairobi. Cake has a song about wanting a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket, which is probably every girl in Nairobi these days! If you see a lady in town who isn't wearing a trench coat, it's because it's safely tucked away in their closet, waiting for the temperatures to drop. The good news is that you can wear your trench coats even in warm weather. The key is to leave the trench unbuttoned!

    Best trench coat designs

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat


    We had to start with the original trench: the military coat designed by Thomas Burberry in 1916. The Chelsea design has a ladylike A-line fit and a nipped-in waist, but all of the signatures we know and love are still present. Each one is made of waterproof cotton-gabardine and is embellished with epaulets, storm flaps, buckled collars and cuffs, and lined with that iconic check.

    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat



    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat

    Cos recently released a slew of technical trench coats made from recycled fibers, and they're flying off the shelves. The spread collar and sweeping lapels give this piece a retro feel, but the showerproof fabric and wide Obi-inspired sash keep things modern.


    Ikojn Nairobi Kenya women wear tranch coat

    The leather trend is still going strong in 2022, so if you already have a skirt and trousers, it's time to graduate to outerwear. Leather trench coats are typically available in retro tans or gothic blacks, but Reiss' buttery beige shade takes them to a whole new level of luxury.


    Toteme's drapey, deconstructed trench is ideal if you prefer your staples to be directional. On the surface, this coat appears classic, but the boxy double-breasted overlay, billowy storm flap, and wide sleeves say otherwise.

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