The best holiday season outfit ideas are those that are comfortable and easy to wear. They should make you feel festive and happy when you think of what they signify while still being an outfit that can last through the season.

People like to shop for new outfits during the holiday season. The best time to do this is around Christmas or New Year's Eve. This is when most people get some time off from work or school, so they have more time to go shopping for look-good clothes.

It is not easy to find the perfect outfit for a festive occasion. That is why we have come up with this list of curated outfits for the holiday season. These outfits are guaranteed to make you look great, feel confident, and spend less money on all of your Christmas shopping, which we all know can get pretty expensive!

The holiday season is the time for spending, having fun, and dressing to impress. From basic Christmas clothing to exciting New Year outfits, this list provides you with several gifting ideas. The best part is all these items can be shopped online and have been picked by us to ensure that they are the best holiday season outfit ideas.

Tips on What to wear in the holidays

Styling For The Sunny Days

When it's summertime, all you want to do is go on a vacation and have fun! And what better way to have fun than by dressing up in the latest trends that are out there? I am going to share my favorite fashion trends for this season.

You can also opt for some cute sundresses that will keep you comfortable without compromising on style.

If you are more into pants then go for shorts and bright-colored tights with them or if you are looking for a more chic look then use either high-waisted jeans, jeans, or even a jumpsuit.

- Wear some fabulous floppy hats with your summer outfits too because they'll keep the sun out of your eyes but also look so cute at the same time!

At Ikojn we just have what you’ve been looking  for this holiday season

Mini Dresses

  • The Lilly Dress by Ikojn is perfect for the summer, with its cheerful colors and loose, flowing silhouette. For a vacation look, try pairing it with a  hat and sandals, while on a summer day.
    Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
  • Lilly dresses are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are light, airy, and can be styled for any occasion. For the upcoming summer season, we recommend you go for bright colors such as the Casa Lily Dress with its colorful patterns. This short paragraph is about how Lilly dresses are versatile enough to match any event or occasion, especially warm-weather outfits.


  • The Lola dress is perfect for summer days. It is cheerful, comfortable, and easygoing. Give your style a little color by accenting it with brightly colored accessories or opt for a bright pair of shoes to match the dazed pattern on this summertime essential. 
  • Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya
  • This Lola dress combines bright plain colors such as yellow and green with dark, earthy colors like browns and oranges. With this dress you can easily get away with packing one pair of shoes - flip-flops will be your best friend!


Let's be honest, Summer is the time of year when we should be wearing shorts, whether they are short-shorts or capris, shorts are the perfect way to go when it's a sunny day.

Shorts Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

I like to wear my capris with a crochet top. I find that this is an outfit that always makes me feel like I'm not wearing anything at all because of its comfort and style. Another outfit that I love to wear during the summertime is my white high-waisted denim shorts with a menswear-inspired button-down shirt and a floppy hat.

Styling For The Cold Days

Tips on What to wear in the holidays from Ikojn Nairobi Kenya

We all spend vacations in search of warmth and comfort. But we need to be prepared for the cold, it's already approaching. It’s time to think about how to dress properly for those cold days. What do you wear when it’s cold outside? If you follow our suggestions, your holiday season will be much more comfortable!

First and foremost, while beginning to put together an outfit for Christmas, be sure to make the appearance truly classic with a nod to modern refinement. For instance, a black waist belt could complete your ensemble this Christmas. I would go with a classic look and select a top in a bright color and bottoms that are deeper in color (perhaps black).


As the cold season approaches, everyone updates their wardrobe to match the season. Cold season means clothes in which you feel comfortable and stylish. Minimalism will not only make you stand out this Christmas, but it will also make you stand out.


The cold season is associated with Christmas, a holiday that everyone looks forward to. People wear new clothes, buy each other gifts, cook delicious food and decorate their homes. Fashion doesn't seem so important until you realize that everyone around you spends a lot of money to look very stylish on that special day when they have to meet family, colleagues, and friends. In one-day Fashion tips and ideas are just a click away. But again, you should know your body type and follow a certain fashion trend, and dress accordingly. You may not always be able to wear what your favorite celebrities are wearing this Christmas, but you can always get different fashion ideas and then decide to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories that match your personality and personality.

This Christmas, go for greens and reds to brighten the mood. Invest in trendy coats, cardigans, skinny jeans, printed leggings, scarves, knee-length skirts, jeans, woolen sweaters, woolen hats, printed socks, and gloves. Gone are the days when men and women loved cardigans and big sweaters. This Christmas is all about clothes that will make you look beautiful and fresh.


Black is always the right color. Both men and women loved to wear black and boring clothes and still do. But this time, choose something brighter. If green and red don't suit you, choose purple, gray and hot pink.


Additionally, women should wear a long jacket or half coat made of fur, leather, or wool. If you choose a long sweater, you can wear printed leggings and your favorite knee-high boots under it. If you decide to dress up, you can wear it under a knee-length skirt with printed leggings and tall boots. Don't forget to pick up an irreplaceable pre-Christmas scarf. When everything is ready, wrap a cashmere or wool scarf around your neck. Decorate your Christmas outfit with fashion accessories. Invest in clutches, belts, and jewelry that can be worn both day and night. Christmas decorations can be bought in the nearest stores.

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