Ball Stud Earrings GOLD

Quality & Stylish Jewelry Handmade for You Understated and elegant, these beautiful Shortcake Stud earrings are a stylish choice for your jewelry collection. Made from the highest quality materials, they can be worn every day or dressed up for a night out on the town. Trust in the quality of this handcrafted piece and discover the look that you've been longing for.

Our jewellery has an IP coating, which is a protective clear coating on it to prevent it from tarnishing and makes the jewellery generally hypoallergenic. Brass is 100% nickel free and is a precious metal. The easiest way to protect your brass jewellery is to keep it away from humid places like for example, storage in your make up bag in the bathroom. The jewellery should be kept away from other metals to keep it from mixing with other metals that have synthetic materials in them. Chemicals such as harsh perfume, lotions, or sprays should not have direct contact with the jewelry.

To refresh, soak jewelry in lemon water for 15 minutes. Use a dry cloth to wipe clean. Alternatively, toothpaste can be used to polish it as a home remedy.

Our recommendation is to purchase brass polish from any supermarket near you and polish the items at home. We suggest refreshing the brass jewellery after 6 months to 1 year of wear to avoid stripping the jewelry of the IP protective coating.